The problem

Monitoring hygiene in a food manufacturing or preparation facility is an ongoing task. The costs of lab tests and the logistics involved in getting swabs to the lab, as well as turn around time, all make this essential task a challenge. 

The solution

Praecautio has developed a set of swabs, that are designed to be easy to use, can be used in-house, and give results in 24 hours which allows quick reaction time. And, relative to lab test, they are inexpensive. Problem solved.

More info

Below are some downloads for more information about the Praecautio Hygiene Monitoring Swabs, or feel free to contact us.


Praecautio swabs (E.coli, Salmonella, Staph aureus) R40 each

20 berth incubator (once off cost) R6500 – or use your own incubator.

Click here to order Praecautio Swabs and/or incubator

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