The problem

Fecal contamination of water sources has a direct impact on the health of people reliant on that water and the ecosystems of natural water sources. However, monitoring of these water sources, either infrastructure based (such as reservoirs, dams or holding tanks) or natural water sources (such as rivers and wetlands) comes with certain challenges.

A result is only as good as the sample.

The biggest challenge is getting the sample to the lab on time and in a good condition – something which is often near impossible when you are out in the field taking samples from a river, or in an outing area where couriers do not service.

Then there is the wait for results, and the lab costs.

And so, in many cases, water is simply not monitored.

The solution

Praecautio has developed a semi-quantitative (time based) E.coli water test system that is designed to be used in the field.

Incubation starts immediately, which means results are available within 24 hours. The costs, compared to laboratory costs, are inexpensive. And the simple colour change, which indicates a positive for E.coli, means that no specialized equipment or training is needed to use them.

More info

Below are some downloads for more information regarding the Praecautio EA.coli Water Tests, or feel free to contact us.


E.coli water test R40 each

20 berth incubator 12V (once off cost) R6500 – or use your own incubator

Bulk incubator R7000 (once off cost)

Belt incubator for filed use – R300

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