The logistics and preparation of running science based projects can often take the focus off the main thing – getting results. With the network of scientists and service providers that Praecautio has access to, the company is well positioned to implement and manage these projects smoothly to completion.

Running a laboratory is busy work. In this day and age where turn around time is essential to remain competitive, writing SOPs and implementing new tests can be daunting.

Praecautio can assist to get these tasks done. Whether it is writing SOPs, setting up microbiological tests, planning and implementing the verification and validation processes for new tests or implementing systems – we can take this load off your shoulders. And yes, we also have experience in preparing a lab for submitting for ISO / SANAS accreditation.

Praecautio has experience in helping facilities – in particular in the food and water industries – to set up hygiene monitoring programs. This could take the form of a once off consult to identify potential problem areas, or developing an ongoing relationship as hygiene consultants – ready too jump in and solve any problems that arise.

Contact us at Praecautio to discuss your needs.

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